O45B FIT: How to Eat and Workout For Your Changing Body..

The reason I started O45B I wanted to write about things that were more aligned with my interests.  One of those interests is losing and/or maintaining a healthy weight.  This year in particular, as soon as January hit I was like WHAT THE EFF AM I DOING??  It suddenly hit me that I am ALMOST 50 (even though I really don't feel like it and appreciate all of the commentary about me looking younger than I do.) So when I had that revelation, I was like okay, I've got some time and I want to attack it with everything I've got starting RIGHT NOW.  When you get to that over 45 place, if you haven't been in fitness mode up until now, it can seem overwhelming.  As we get older, women in particular tend to hold weight in their midsection (hellooooo) and we see men our age running around with six packs and that in and of itself can be infuriating and soul crushing at the same time.  Plus, there is the whole idea that a woman that doesn't look like a supermodel is worthless thing.  A woman's appearance is DIRECTLY tied to the way she is perceived by the opposite sex and society at large. This opens up larger topics like depression and eating disorders which are VERY prevalent in todays society among teens and grown women alike. So I have decided that I am making room in my life for the inevitable arrival of what I want, which is to be strong and fit.  I don't so much care about the number on the scale as much as I do the strong fit part.